Clara Griffith

Absurd and delightful paintings

About Me

I am an artist currently residing in Austin, Texas. I like chocolate cake. I have two cats. I like to paint triangles.

About My Art

I start a "triangle painting" by first choosing a couple of images to combine. Sometimes I will have a specific theme or narrative in mind, other times selections are driven by color or emotion. Source material comes from many places - magazines, google street view, pop art, playing cards, rennaisance paintings, and so on. I keep an ever-growing collection of inspiring images to pull from for this purpose. While many of the images used are appropriated from other sources, I also use images of my own creation as well. These could be snapshots from my phone, some of my older paintings, and photos from photoshoots that I have directed or assisted.

The selected images are fed to a custom computer program I wrote. After I give the program a few parameters, it conveniently slices the images up into triangles and randomly reassembles them into a single picture. I can also tweak the result and select what image layer appears in each triangle. I then use the resulting collage as a reference for the painting. The process of translating the digital image into a physical one gives me a chance to tweak the colors a little bit and add a little more personality.